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Legs and Glutes

Legs and Buttocks

The butt is the body’s largest muscle and is, in addition to being what we sit on, an attribute that many are fond of. Are you not happy with what your own buttocks look like? With the help of heavy and effective butt training, you can shape your butt until it finally becomes your best attribute!

In addition to the buttocks, your legs consist of front and back thighs and calves. Front and back thighs are also large strong muscles that can be overloaded properly with heavy weight while the calves need many reps. The bones thus consist of these four overarching areas; buttocks, front thighs, back thighs and calves. They all have different functions for the body and need different exercises to load. Therefore, do not be content with just doing squats or straight ground lifts, you must train all four areas during your leg workout.

Legs and buttocks are big muscles so you do not have to be afraid to train hard and heavy. You can assume that the buttocks, front and back thighs need about three to four exercises each with six to eight repetitions. Calves one to two exercises with many reps.

Squats, or variants of the exercise, are a fantastic exercise that you should include as a core element in your programs, but in addition there are lots of other exercises to load all four areas in our programs.

Do not be afraid to work with heavier weights than usual. The butt is, as mentioned above, our largest muscle and the front and back thighs are also used to high loads. Do not be afraid to hit them hard!

Why exercise programs?

We have developed training programs with some of Sweden’s largest training profiles – specially designed to train and shape legs and buttocks. The exercises are composed in training sessions that focus on ecercising all areas of your legs for maximum effect. They work for everyone, beginners as well as experienced strength trainers. These programs will quickly and efficiently make your buttocks your best attribute. Simple exercises with noticeable results.