Why training programs?

No matter what goals you have, this is where you will find your favourite workout program. The programs are entirely free and professionally designed to meet your needs. 

Whether you want to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger or completely reshape your body, we have pre-designed sessions ready to go just for you. These programs are developed by professional trainers and fitness experts that guide you through different exercises with video instructions, pictures and articles. This is to make it as easy as possible for you to reach your goals. Find the workout program that suits you to make a workout schedule and get those results. Let’s get started!

Benefits with exercise programs

We may not know what type of exercise you enjoy the most or what results you want to achieve, but one thing we do know is that it differs for everyone. With different compound training programs, you can focus on different parts of the body or specific functions such as strength, mobility or endurance.

What you want in terms of exercise evolves and is therefore not always easy to plan. It can also be challenging to know what you should to reach your workout goals. Consequently, it can be nice to let someone else design your training program, which allows you to focus on your goals solely. That’s why we exist!

How can a workout program make my training more efficient?

The advantage of a pre-designed workout program is that it can help you get the most out of your training more efficiently. Many different factors come into play when choosing the correct workout program, such as your goals, physics, and how often you can work out. An excellent full-body program focuses on strength, agility and fitness, which is good if your goal is to improve your physique and health in general. If, on the other hand, you have a more specific goal, such as building muscle. For example, build more amazing buttocks and legs; training programs will help you with just that.

When it comes to working out according to a workout schedule, a good piece of advice is not to run the same program for an extended time. This is because the same type of exercise for a more extended period does provide you with results. Your body gets used to it, and therefore you need to take it to the next level and challenge your body. Consequently, you might want to shift the workout program, but you can also increase the intensity significantly in your current schedule or workout more often.

How do I decide on what workout program to do?

Deciding that you want to start exercising and running an exercise program is the first step to a better body and a healthier lifestyle. However, when choosing which program to begin with, it is essential to have a slow start and not maximise your performance at once. It will decrease your motivation if you do not meet your high goals and increase your injury risk. Instead, work towards a reasonable goal. It can be anything from losing a certain number of kilos to lifting a certain amount of kilos when doing biceps. If you have a well-formulated goal to aim for, it will help you stick to your workout program. A tip is to write down your workout program and what your goals are. 

It will be in your favour to be relatively structured both when it comes to motivation and execution.  Also, as mentioned above, write your journey down. This way, you will notice your improvements and, in that sense, be encouraged to continue raising the bar when it comes to achieving your goals.