Leg Press

Exercise Details for Leg Press

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Gluteus, Hamstrings, Calves
  • Equipment
  • Level

Guided steps for Leg Press

  • Make sure that the back pad is tilted at least 90 degrees, preferably more
  • The whole foot should be pressed against the plate all the time, do not go up on the toe
  • Your toes should point slightly outwards
  • Your knees should bend in line with your toes (slightly outwards)
  • Your knees should be in line with your shoulders, and in the bottom position they should end up outside the body 
  • Do not bend the back end
  • Make sure that the rear and buttocks never leave the backrest
  • Do not pull your head forward, it bends the back end
  • Remember to use the safety catches so that you do not injure yourself
  • Inhale on the way down and exhale on the way up
  • Perform the exercise slowly and with many reps

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