Hip Thrust

Exercise Details for Hip Thrust

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Lower back
  • Equipment
    Barbell, Body weight
  • Level

Guided steps for Hip Thrust

  • Make sure you use a stable bench so that it does not tip over backwards when you perform the lift
  • Lay the upper part of your rear against the bench
  • Make sure that the chin is against the chest during the exercise, do not look up at the ceiling but keep your eyes forward
  • It can hurt to lift the barbell directly towards the body, so feel free to use a towel or something similar around the barbell.
  • You should have an angle of 90 degrees between thighs and shins in the top position
  • Your shins should be vertical to the floor in the top position
  • Make sure you have muscle contact during the entire lift, it should burn in the gluteal muscle
  • In the top position, your body should be completely straight from your knees up to your shoulders.
  • If you mainly want to build strength, you run fewer reps with a lot of weight, but if you also want to build muscle mass, you add sets with several reps in
  • The exercise can be performed with only bodyweight. You can perform the exercise with only one leg on the ground and the other stretched in front of the body. This way is perfect if you are travelling or do not have access to weights.

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