Bulgarian Split Squat

Exercise Details for Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Primary Muscle
    Quads, Gluteus
  • Secondary Muscle
    Hamstrings, Inner Abs
  • Equipment
    Body weight, Bumbbell
  • Level

Guided steps for Bulgarian Split Squat

  • Remember to always keep your eyes directed forward when doing the exercise and do not turn your body
  • The back should be straight and not tilted in any direction. The outer thigh muscle of your hind leg will benefit from this.
  • Tighten your stomach and stabilize your hips
  • If you have difficulty keeping your balance, choose a lower bench behind you until you feel more secure
  • The front knee and the front foot should point in the same direction which is forward.
  • The centre of gravity should be in the middle of the front foot
  • Do not move your knee too much in front of your toes. Otherwise, it will strain the knee 
  • Keep your knees straight. Make sure that it does not move inwards or outwards to avoid injury.
  • Do not stress the exercise up and down, but perform the movement in a calm and controlled manner. As soon as you start swaying in any direction, it is best that you slow down and focus on regaining control
  • You can perform the exercise with a dumbbell in each hand or with a single one as in a Goblet Squat

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