Dumbbell Shoulder Press

Training Details Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  • Primary Muscle
    Front Delt, Middle Delt
  • Secondary Muscle
    Triceps, Inner Abs
  • Equipment
  • Level

Guide for Dumbbell Shoulder Press

  • Do not take on too much weight, if you do not have control over the dumbbell, the back will work instead, which we do not want
  • Pull back the shoulders and pull your shoulder blades together, push the chest forward
  • Keep the shoulders lowered throughout the lift, do not move them upwards towards the ears
  • Do not swing the upper body, it is the arms that should move
  • Lower the weight in a calm and slow manner, always with tension in the muscle you are exercising. 
  • Doing the exercise standing up and lifting one arm at a time activates the abdomen even more
  • Do not push your head into the chair if you are performing the exercise while sitting

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