Exercise Details for Squats

  • Primary Muscle
    Quads, Gluteus, Lower back
  • Secondary Muscle
    Hamstrings, Calves, Inner Abs
  • Equipment
  • Level

Guided steps for Squats

  • Make sure that the centre of gravity is in the middle of your feet
  • Keep your feet slightly angled outwards so that your knees do not bend inwards.
  • Look straight ahead during the whole movement, not up to the ceiling.
  • If you have difficulty getting far down with your butt, you should start stretching your calves as they are probably too tense. It takes some time to increase the mobility so until the calves become more flexible, you can put a small 2.5 kg weight under each heel so that the foot is slightly tilted, this will facilitate the exercise for you.
  • Perform the exercise in a controlled manner, tense the muscle on the way down
  • In the bottom position, the shoulders and hips should go up at the same time, you should not tilt forward and lift the hips faster than the shoulders
  • Inhale properly before performing the lift and then hold your breath so that you have a constant torso pressure until you are back at the starting position again. Exhale and inhale and then perform another rep

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