Cable Chest Press

Exercise Details for Cable Chest Press

  • Primary Muscle
  • Secondary Muscle
    Front Delt
  • Equipment
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Why Should You do Cable Chest Press?

Cable Chest Press is an excellent complementary exercise for the chest. If you compare it with a classic bench press, it is impossible to run with the same heavy resistance, but the movement path is much better. Unlike a barbell exercise, you can bring your hands together in front of your body and even cross them. It is also much easier to run drop sets in a cable machine. Of course, it is possible to run drop sets when doing the bench press, but it often requires a friend for safety, and it takes some time to remove the weight plates. Instead, running the press and continuously adjusting the weight in a Cable Chest Press is super fast, and you can certainly perform the exercise alone at the gym.

The exercise is quite easy to perform and it primarily trains the chest and front shoulders, but the triceps may also be slightly activated.


Adjust the cable brackets so that they end up just above shoulder height. Grab the handles and raise your hands in front of your armpits. Take 2 steps forward with one leg in front of the other. Place the body’s center of gravity on the front leg and slightly lean forward. Do not bend your back nor sway it too much, but instead tighten your torso making your back neutral and straight. Pinch the shoulder blades together and make sure that your shoulders are pulled obliquely backward so that your chest is pushed forward. This is your starting position.

Then slowly push your hands straight forward and make sure that they meet in the middle in front of your body when your arms are straight. The great thing about this exercise is that you can even let your hands pass over each other and squeeze the inner part of the chest muscles even more. Whereas in the bench press with a barbell, it is impossible. Indeed, with Dips and Barebell Fly, it does not work either. Only with a Cable Chest Press as it puts extra pressure on the inner chest. Perform it calmly and slowly throughout the entire exercise and squeeze out every last bit of the muscle before slowly bringing your arms back down. You are not doing a fly to the side but a pure press where the arms should move straight ahead.

Guide for Cable Chest Press

  • Pull back your shoulders and pinch the shoulder blades together making the chest move forward
  • Tense the core which will make the rear neutrally straight
  • Slowly push your hands forward and tense the muscle you are exercising on the way back  
  • Straight wrists
  • If you put your hands on top of each other, you can squeeze every last bit out of the muscle for a second in the top position.
  • Feel free to run drop sets
  • Do not pull with your shoulders when you get tired, as they then will engage too much in the exercise
  • Keep your shoulders down

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