Exercises for Shoulders

The outer visible deltoid muscle consists of three major areas. The front, center and rear. The front part contributes to several chest exercises such as bench press. The rear parts help to pull the arms back. The middle part is trained with advantage when lifting the arm out to the side. In many shoulder exercises, the entire shoulder area is trained, but depending on which exercise you choose, the three areas are loaded differently.

It is also important to exercise not only the outer visible deltoid muscle but also the rotator cuff – the internal muscles(intercostal muscle) of your shoulders. Its purpose is to keep the shoulder joint in place and to stabilize the entire joint. A stable and strong interior is the basis for all muscle training. You will not be able to lift heavy weights unless the foundation is stable.

Step one to get greater shoulder muscles is to read a little about the anatomy of the shoulders. Thereafter, go through our shoulder exercises below and find both heavy exercises such as Military Press and more isolating exercises such as military press and more isolating exercise. Make sure that all parts of the shoulder are exercised during the week.


Middle shoulder exercises