Meadow Row

Exercise Details for Meadow Row

  • Primary Muscle
    Traps, Middle back
  • Secondary Muscle
    Lats, Rear Delt
  • Equipment
  • Level

Tips for Meadow Row

  • You can do the exercise with a dumbbell or barbell in the “line mine” bracket or pressed into a corner
  • Use a split stance
  • Put your elbow on your thigh for stability
  • Make sure your back is in a neutral position no matter how much you lean forward.
  • Perform the exercise with a horizontal back or a slightly tilted up, test yourself
  • Prone grip means that Rhomboids and Trapezius have to work extra hard in the movement
  • Extend the shoulder blade in the bottom position
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades to the max in the top position
  • Do not rotate your upper body when lifting weights
  • Lower the weight in a slow and controlled matter always with tension in the muscle you are exercising

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