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You have heard about deadlifts, squats and all the other important basic exercises that everyone should include in their exercise program. However, you do not really know how to do it or want tips on how to streamline execution for better results. In our exercise bank, the exercises have illustrations of the execution where you can see how the movement goes. We have also produced instructional videos with some of Sweden’s top fitness profiles, where you can see the exercise performed correctly. Each exercise is also presented with a muscle map so that you know exactly which muscle groups are strained during the selected exercise.

Variation is good in training to challenge the muscles in new ways with new movements. When you shock the muscles, they break down and then build up during recovery. With more variation in your training, you stimulate just that muscle activity and thus increase your muscle growth. Are you a situp fanatic? In our exercise bank you will find variations on traditional abdominal exercises, such as situps on a Pilates ball or why not a Russian Twist, which is many people’s favorite exercise for the abdominal muscles. Have patience! Muscles do not grow in one day. There are many processes and lifestyle choices that affect the growth of your muscles and you can read more about that in our article here.

Are you an experienced strength trainer? Have you trained for a long time and think that you know all the exercises that are available? Think out of the box. Mobility training can feel “lame” for many who lift weights. However, increased flexibility and mobility in muscles and joints can result in you performing even better in your strength exercises. The mobility training that you find in our exercise bank is specially selected to work with the joints in the extreme position. When you can work with the joints in the extreme position, you can also perform your strength exercises in full range of motion that gives better results in both muscle growth and strength.

Many of us live a hectic life and between work, home and potential family, there is sometimes not much time left to go to the gym. Do you still want to train? Home training is absolutely effective and underestimated by many. Do you not know how to train without weights and various equipment available in the gym? Our exercise bench consists of many exercises that can be run with only body weight as weight and therefore works great to run at home. For more information about training at home, you can check out Denice Lundevall’s training program, which is tailored for home training.

Have you finally decided to start training? First of all, good work – it can be one of the most important health decisions you make in your life. The first time at the gym can be a little scary with lots of machines, heavy weights and people who look like they were born at the gym. Do not worry, in our exercise bank you can easily find exercises along the body part or form of strength exercise you want to perform and start there. Exercise has a learning process just like everything else in life. Master the technique first and increase the weights later, and you will get great training results. If you are eager to follow an exercise program, you can check out our beginner exercise programs here.

In summary, our exercise bank is a hub for everyone who trains, needs inspiration or has just started training and wants to learn more. You can find many of our exercises in all our training programs. Here, with the guidance of fitness profiles, you can follow exactly the training program that best suits your training goals, your experience and lifestyle. Many times it is also easier to keep the motivation alive when you follow some kind of schedule.

We hope you can be inspired by our practice bank. Go for it!